How to make trees
in magicavoxel

This is the tree we will be making

A quick magicavoxel tutorial to make trees similar to Dima's voxels

Hi, I am Dima also known for my trees.
Since the request for tree tutorial was very high, I thought I would share this one with the community.

The beginning

Things you will need:

  • The newest* version of magicavoxel

  • Some kind of reference for the tree you want to make

  • About 1.5-3 hours of time depending on the size

  • Lots of motivation

*This tutorial was made using magicavoxel version 99.6.2

When starting I always like to switch to orthographic view since its easier to draw flat on the walls of the editing box.

To focus on one side press on the face of the cube in the lower-right corner (2), or press 4 on your keyboard.

Making the tree trunk

Usually, I start out flat, and slowly add volume and details.

Making the tree skeleton

In the next steps I will make the branches for the tree. First, make a new editing matrix in which you will make the branches for the tree.

Just like the log itself, I start out flat.

Once I am done, I move the branches
to the tree trunk.

Now select the branches and by using the rotate brush start adjusting each branch one by one . . .

. . . Add more branches and rotate them to create a nice tree structure.

Making your tree alive

Now create a couple of branch prefabs.
We will take those to attach to the tree later.

Now take your tree skeleton and your prefabs.

Leaves are pretty much the one thing, that can make or break the look. This step can take up to 2 or more hours depending on how large your tree is.

By selecting each prefabricated branch we will use the rotate tool once again.
And we will attach each, single, branch one by one and will attach it to the skeleton we did before.

To save some time, I recommend making some collection of leaves that you can copy and paste to save some time. Not only is this quicker, but you can fix mistakes much easier.
The more you make, the better it will look like


You did it! It probably took you a while didn't it?
I hope this tutorial was sufficient and you learned something new today.
Feel free to ask me on Twitter or Instagram if you have some questions still.
I would also appreciate if you share this tutorial and tag me on your post if you decide to follow this tutorial!
Have fun making trees.

s. here is a download for the trees made in this tutorial. Do what ever you want
Dimas Trees.vox

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