The newbie FAQ

Magicavoxel Common question FAQ

Hello! If you're looking at this page, you're most likely a MagicaVoxel newbie, if not, you might still find something, interesting.

#1 Q: Help my model is underground/only half of it is visible, how do I fix it?

Example: LINK

A: In your model view press on TAB and select your model. After-that press G and then TAB once again. You can now render your whole model.

Video explanation: Video-Link

#2 Q: Help my model is not completely rendered most of it is gone, how do I fix it?


A: In render mode, go to the left side and search for SPARSE VOLUME and enable it.

Video explanation: Video-Link

#3 Q: I want to make a bigger model the space is too small, how to get more Space?

A: On the TOP RIGHT you will see 3 numbers, it's 40 40 40 by default. Increase it to gain more space! (Max 256 256 256)

Photo explanation: LINK

#4 Q: 256 Voxels is a lot of space, but I want to go MUCH BIGGER, I saw other artists doing big models!

A: In model mode, press TAB and then press on + in the top-right corner to add a new “Matrix”(building box). Arrange them together to have more space.

Video explanation: Video-Link

#5 Q: How Do I apply materials to my model?

A: In render mode, select a color on your left and then choose a material on the top right.

Video explanation: Video-Link

#6 Q: My Renders are really grainy/noisy, and I don't know what to do?


A: You probably didn't render your picture long enough. Increase the SPP and let it render a bit more. Alternatively, look at FAQ #7

Photo Explanation: LINK

#7 Q: Why does the denoise button not work?

A: Go to the main website download the [Plugin] -> Extract -> Copy extracted content into MagicaVoxel folder

Video explanation: Video-Link

Denoiser in action: Video-Link

#8 Q: Magicavoxel stops rendering in background!

A: To render in background, you need to render using photo mode. *Note you won't be able to add bloom if you render using photomode.

Photo explanation: LINK

#9 Q: I want to render a high-resolution render, but I can only go up to 2k × 2k

A: The viewport render is limited to 2k. To render up to 12k, you need to use Photomode.

Photo explanation: LINK

#10 Q: I want to make the ground reflective. How do I do that?

A: In render mode alt + Left-click the ground and then add a material.

Video explanation: Video-Link